SQR400 Flash Funds is a first grade military bank hacking tool developed in the year 2019 by our team of anonymous hackers popularly known as the SQR group. The SQR400 Tool has long been the best online tool for bank account flashing / direct wire of funds to a targeted bank account and a very effective tool in this regard

We have had some similar basic hacking tools that did not last the test of time in the past. Example of those are the cardcumbo tool, Basic Flash Funds, xdolte and a host of others. These tools are no more functional as a result of the steady upgrade in the firewall used by the conventional banks.

SQR400 Flash Funds Latest Version 6.4 Demo Video (Fist Grade Military Hacking Tool)
  • Unlike previous versions, the latest v6.4 functions just like your conventional banking application.
  • No technicality required
  • The SQR400 V6.4 can be operated by anyone without a programming knowledge
  • No server Nods required as this is synchronized with your tool during the registration and synchronization process

However, The SQR400 is about the only first grade military tool ever developed. This is the reason our tool has come this far with a 97℅ transaction success rate. We have achieved this with our steady upgrade aimed at conquering whatever upgrade is done on the conventional banking firewall.

The SQR400 tool comes in two different versions;

SQR400 Flash Funds pro (MT103 Direct Deposit)
SQR400 Flash Funds Lite ( Fake Bank Alert )
Basically, there are two diference between these two version.

  1. The duration of flashed funds;
    Funds flashed with the SQR400 Pro version stays in the recipients bank account for a duration of 23-33 days. This duration varies with banks and how strong of a firewall they possess.

Funds Flashed from the SQR400 LITE stays in recipient’s bank account for only 48 hours. This means 48 hours after the flash is received by the recipient, the flashed amount is identified, canceled and subtracted from the recipient’s balance by the bank firewall.

  1. Accessibility / Usability of flashed funds. Because the SQR400 Flash Funds Pro is MT103 embedded, funds flashed with this version are accessible. This means recipient’s can either transfer or withdraw the flashed funds.

On the other hand, the SQR400 LITE version is not MT103 embedded. This means funds flashed with this version are not transferrable or withdrawable.

SQR400 Flash Funds Pro User Interface Breakdown

We have explained earlier that the SQR400 Flash Funds Pro is an MT103 embedded tool. This is the reason it functions just like your conventional bank account.

Before the registration of a new user for this tool, some information listed below are required from the user for registration and synchronisation purpose.

  1. Email address (For registration process)
  2. Windows computer serial number (This is needed to enable us synchronise the users computer with our database, also to ensure that the user doesn’t install his tool on another device different from the synchronised one. This is to prevent users from tool resale or multiple user access to one account)
  3. User choice of Prototype bank to be used in activating his/her tool. ( It is important for a new user to provide a bank of his or her choice, it is with this bank name his tool will be registered. So whenever a flash is carried out on the users account, it will appear at the recipients bank as though the money was sent from the bank provided by the user during registration )

Once the registration and synchronisation process is completed, the tool, demo materials, tool account number, login password and Login pin would be sent in a zip file to the user via mail.

For a better understanding, we will have a demo kind of illustration showing the SQR400 Tool interface. The SQR400 account we will be using as a demo for this campaign was registered with a Bank Of Montreal Europe account theme.

SQR400 Flash Funds login page

SQR400 Flash Funds

From the screenshot, you can see that a users account number and password is required for login.

As explained earlier, a users account number and password is generated during the registration and synchronisation process. These information are sent to the user alongside the tool.

It is with these information that a user gains access to his / her tool.

SQR400 Flash Funds User Dashboard

SQR400 Flash Funds User Dashboard in the Bank Of Montreal Europe theme

The SQR400 Flash Funds user dashboard in it’s user friendly interface comes as the bank theme/MT103 LOG used during registration. Though, some features like the bank card, loan and some other few do not function with this tool, but other major features like funds transfer, bank statement works perfectly.

At registration, a new user gets a credit of 250,000 USD. This credit is termed the Flash Credit. Every transaction on the SQR400 Flash Funds Pro tool requires a credit balance to the tune of that transaction.

For example, a newly registered account with a credit balance of 250,000 USD only permits the user to make a flash of 250,000 USD worth.

When needed, a user can purchase flash credit just as shown in the screenshot above. This user has a credit balance of over 45,000,000 USD. With this credit, the user has the privilege of initiating a flash transaction to the above mentioned tune.

SQR400 Flash Funds Bank Flash Procedure

SQR400 Flash Funds Flash Procedure

To initiate a flash on the SQR400 Pro Tool, navigate to the menu on the user dashboard, click on FUNDS TRANSFER, chose a type of transfer, either local or international wire transfer.

Local transfer is used when flashing a bank account domiciled in the same country as that of the bank theme used for registration, while international transfer is used for international transactions.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the international / wire transfer option.

After clicking on the international transfer, On this page shown above which happens to be the next page, you fill in the amount, account number, account name, bank name and other required fields just like it is done on the screenshot below.

After filling the required fields on the transfer form, click on MAKE TRANSFER. This will automatically redirect you to the OTP page. As shown in the screenshot below.

The OTP code will be sent to your registered email (The email provided during the registration process). A screenshot showing the OTP code received for this transaction is displayed below.

SQR400 Flash Funds Lite Version

The SQR400 LITE functions just like the Pro version with some limitations. This version also comes in an entirely different user interface as it is not MT103 LOG embedded.

At the begining of this post, I have explained the major difference between the LITE and Pro version. You might want to refer to that paragraph for a better understanding.

Below is a demo video of the SQR400 LITE in its glory. Enjoy!

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